Notes from the background

Sorry to anyone who check this blog semi-regularly, I know there has been a sad lack of new content. Having some internet issues at the new place, and my internet web connection is sporadic at best. But I did want to take a second and post my thoughts on 'I'm Not There' the Dylan biopic that has been out for awhile and I JUST got around to seeing. I will preface these words by saying that while I didn't like the movie, it has most definitely kept me thinking and has rekindled my appreciation for what an incredible songwriter Dylan is.


I wish I hadn't been there. Positively trainwreck street. And I wanted to like this movie SO bad. I love Bob Dylan, and I was even buying in on the gimmick of having 6 different actors playing the 6 different 'versions' of the singer/songwriter, but the execution of the idea was painful to watch at times.

This movie just couldn't get out of it's own way. Every time it started to pick up steam, it would cut to Richard Gere as the 'cowboy/rancher Dylan' and totally screech to a halt. The entire movie, but the Gere scenes especially were filled with overly dramatic, self-gratifying symbolism that was over my head and at times hard to watch.

All of the Dylan's were lacking too I thought. They ranged from laughably bad(Christian Bale as the early folkie) to so-so impressions(Cate Blanchette as the androgynous Dlyan, who just finished every sentence with 'man')...honestly, I thought the most interesting scenes were the ones about the movie star, iconic Dylan played by Heath Ledger and those were far too few and far too short.

I think a total of 4 people actually walked out before it was over, and there was a dog in the theater...yes, a dog. Not sure why, the guy wasn't blind, but whatever...and even the dog started howling at about the half way point. Not one person got up and complained, we all just was the first time we had been entertained for about an hour.

Thanks Todd Haynes, for taking the career of the greatest songwriter ever and turning it into your failed film school thesis...i want my $6 back.

The only reason it gets the second star is because of the incredible performance of 'Going To Alcupocco' by Jim James of My Morning far the highlight of the film.

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