"I was born a little damaged man..."

(Random thoughts...thinking out loud)

Not damaged in the worst sense of the word though. I have just always viewed the world through idealistically tinted glasses I guess. I sort of romanticize all of the bad decisions I make, like I am doing the righteous thing, when most of the time I am just being lazy...or maybe just looking for the path of least resistance. But maybe not, since the choices I seem to make always make things a little harder for me, even though at the time I swear I am doing the noble thing...the right thing.

I just haven't figured exactly what it is I want out of this life yet...and I am starting think that there are worse things than this. I love trying new things, meeting new people, living in new places...I have never been one of t hose people who ALWAYS knew what it was that I wanted to with my life. I think I am finally coming to grips with that, becoming at peace with that. I guess I am sort of a rambler. And I have never had money, so trading in life experience as my currency actually suits me. So on to the next adventure. Cue the music.


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