Never in a million years would I have guessed...

Honestly, I never saw this one coming. The Moldy Peaches being part of a number one record? Amazing! I for one am happy for them. I realize that the Juno soundtrack is not actually a Moldy Peaches record, but has to be 'Anyone Else But You' that is driving sales.

I can remember seeing them open up for Tenacious D in Las Vegas YEARS ago...2000 or 2001 I am thinking. Their offbeat songs and deadpan delivery always made me laugh. Kimya and Adam totally deserve this moment in the sun.

In honor of their wondrous achievement I am passing along a couple of tracks. The Peaches tune 'Who's Got The Crack?' and the Adam Green solo ode to Jessica Simpson, 'Jessica'



2 Response to "Never in a million years would I have guessed..."

  • Anonymous Says:

    very impressed by your blog.. its posts and it's general atmosphere.

    (and the nice lester bangs quote)

    almost famous fan, non?

    I'll be checking up on you :)

  • Blair Hook Says:

    Thanks for the kind words :-)

    Yeah, I totally lifted the blog title from the Bangs character in Almost Famous!!

    Thanks again for dropping by