She was no rock n roll fun

The impetus of this post is rooted in in what I saw last night in the usually dull aisles of the local Ralph's supermarket. It was there that I witnessed what has to go down as one of the all time best 'take me home' fights in the history of dating.

These two were having it out right in the middle of the frozen foods aisle. So of course i pretended to be a serious shopper and perused the frozen pizzas for like 5 minutes as they exchanged accusations. When things get that bad at the grocery store, not a good sign. I tell you this from experience. Sometimes, you get to a point in a relationship(SOME relationships)... that even trips to the store end in arguments. I have been down that road, and the view is not so good. When you get to that place that every little thing the person does gets under your skin...get out and save your sanity!

Charles Bukowski says "There are worse things than being alone." And he could not have been more right. I lived with a girl for a year once. Not a wise decision. She was a great person, but not someone I could see myself with for the long haul...I mean she liked the show 'Friends'...NO, she REALLY liked the show friends. I was always dragging her to shows of bands that she had never heard of and she would drag me to some of the worst movies ever made. It was like an ongoing contest of 'who can torture who the best.'

Whoa! This rambling post totally got off mind veers off easily...that ADD kicks in at the most inopportune times. Back to the original fight that I saw at the grocery store...the one insult I heard that had me come home and put this little play list together was the girl screeching '...oh no, if you leave me does that mean I will never get to go spend another saturday night sitting on your couch while you play video games.' She won the fight in my opinion. That comment was the clincher...they were still bickering, but I can only pretend to look at frozen pizzas for so long. honor of her victory, i put together this brief angry girl mix(only 7 songs - i call it the 'Hell Hath No Fury' EP)...with the first song being especially dedicated to that girl I used to live with. I hope she finds her Ross someday.

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