My car sticker phase

Yet another post inspired by a total stranger. This one though I have to tread through carefully, as I was once guilty of the crime I am condemning...sort of.

I was walking down to the corner convenience store to pick up a couple of things and I see out of the corner of my eye this huge pick up truck pull into the lot. I swivel my neck around to check it out and there in the back window I saw it. One gigantic white sticker, taking up almost the entire length of this guy's back glass, one word: Hustler
in an old English font. Super hip. I mean if you are advertising that you are a 'Hustler' you obviously are, right? And you are just extremely proud of your status as a 'Hustler' and rightly so. I bow down to your modesty...

Whatever. But as I was walking back home the Sonic Youth song 'Teenage Riot' came on my mp3 player. Then it all came back to me. My 1995 emerald green Chevy Cavalier. The first real car I ever had and to this day the worst. I had band stickers plastered all over the back of my car. My brand new car. I was the one shouting for attention..."hey, look at me I like Sonic Youth." I think I had visions of hot alt-rock girls pulling up next to me at stoplights and commenting on my stickers...that never happened. Not once.

If i can remember correctly I had black and white Sonic Youth and Beastie Boys stickers on the left rear of the car. A Hole sticker that was really lame, even by car sticker standards on the rear right. And the crown jewel of the collection. A huge black rectangular sticker with PAVEMENT in yellow letters right in the middle of the trunk door. Yeah, and like 4yrs later when I went to get rid of the car it took what seemed like WEEKS to get them off...I was not so smart. Apparently I thought I would own that little two door cavalier that broke down ever three weeks forever. I have never been good at being a big picture thinker.

I guess I am saying I shouldn't be so quick to judge. Today's hustler might be tomorrow's me...scary thought...but I hope this guy's hustling days are just a phase. For his sake and for society's!

2 Response to "My car sticker phase"

  • Leisa Dreps Says:

    Hehehe. Teenage car users will almost always cover the back part of their cars with band stickers. I remember my first ride with its Nirvana and Green Day stickers. Sometimes it's not only the picture that we miss to think about, but the consequences of the actions we thought were the coolest thing ever. Hehehe.

  • Dewey Setlak Says:

    Whoa, that is cool! Words that are printed in Old English font do give you the goosebumps! One thing to take from this is that our choice always reflects our personality. From the way we choose our cars to the stickers we put on it, these are external expressions of what we are and how we see ourselves. I think we need to be careful at times too.