Craigslist Musical Dedication

Master, how could you?

Date: 2009-09-17, 11:58PM EDT

Maybe I missed something along the way and I wasnt pleasing you and you just didnt correct me and instead, went looking for greener pastures. We have an item for a year now since you pull me into this Gor lifestyle and I must admit, Im hooked. Im hooked to the lifestyle and im hooked to you since you have trained me.

Maybe I should have taken a clue to when you stopped asking me to come to you every day, sometimes more than once a day. It was wrong of me to take pride in the fact that I -thought- I ment something to you.

Maybe I should have cared more when you told me you had found another female to train with me. After all master, I had faith and trust completely in you.

I should have listened to my instincts when you insisted we dont use a condom. I was on birthcontrol and we were supposed to be exclusive with each other, but I had fears and your gentle warning of a punishment if I didnt please you was enough to ease my worries.

Was I wrong.

I have not heard from you in two weeks master. I have tried to call you, but your phone doesnt seem to have service anymore. I hope you are happy with your new pet and I hope you the best, really. you were good to me. I know you read these posts, and I know you will know who I am. You wouldnt go with me for my yearly pap as you have done before and I have news...

I was clean when I got with you master, and now after a year of being yours and yours alone. Somehow I got HPV. You wont take my calls, answer emails or answer your door. This is my "missed connection"

It is out of line for me to post this master, but hopefully you will see it and call me.


* Nine Inch Nails - 'Happiness In Slavery' MP3

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