I And Love And You

"True love is not the kind of thing you should turn down..."

The Avett Brothers have the most amazing way of taking such simple statements and making them seem so profound. And they do it in the form of such beautiful songs. I am sitting here listening to the brand new record, and loving it. Considering it is their major label debut, and that it was produced by Rick Rubin, I was really curious to see how this album turned out. It's pure Avett Brothers bliss I am happy to report. First impressions are it's great, but not as great as 'Emotionalism', ...but I put that record on a bit of a pedestal, so yeah..."I And Love And You' is still pretty fantastic.

* The Avett Brothers - 'January Wedding' MP3

3 Response to "I And Love And You"

  • Matt Klomp Says:

    Such a great record - just got a copy on vinyl and it sounds amazing. If anyone wants to hear more of these guys there's also a download on their website-http://www.theavettbrothers.com/music/i-and-love-and-you-single

  • Bootsy Says:

    I love the sweet simplicity of this song... a great love song. I'm really loving the new album.

    I agree that Emotionalism is pedestal worthy, and I just had a moment with the Mignonette album again after I watched that video footage of "nothing short of thankful" on their MySpace page... I thought to myself that I will never see them perform like that again.. and I felt a little bit sad. But I LOVE the new album and am completely excited about their success.

  • Blair Says:

    I know EXACTLY what you mean! Watching the boys go from playing half filled bars to now playing sold out theaters is bittersweet. But as much as I will miss the littler shows, I couldn't be happier for the Avetts...man, they work harder than anyone and play their heart out every night...they are amazing.