Sort Of Revolution

If you like beautifully written, slightly darker-tinged folk, then you may love Fink. Fink is English singer/songwriter Fin Greenall, and I wonder once again why I am so late to the party.I picked up his 'Sort Of Revolution' album this week and I can't stop playing it. This latest record is actually his fourth, so I have a lot of back tracking to do...which should be glorious listening.

* 'Move On Me' MP3

5 Response to "Sort Of Revolution"

  • Rebecca Says:

    you have no idea how glorious it will be! i want to marry this man so he can sing to me all day! and i'd use the words "understated sexy" to describe some songs too. listen to
    "blueberry pancakes" and "pretty little thing" :)

  • Blair Says:

    I may be incapable of using the phrase 'understated sexy' in context actually...because I totally get what you are saying! Thanks for the song rec's....i will start there :-)

  • Rebecca Says:

    the song "this is the thing" is his best known song. it's been on the tv a lot, so give that a listen as well. and thom yorke of radiohead loves the song "q&a." happy listening!

  • Jen Says:

    i was about to get mad and stamp my foot and say 'oi, he was on a mixtape i made for you'... then i checked, and he wasn't. i think i swapped him for jont. but yay! fink is incredible, signed to an awesome label too - ninja tune.

  • Martini Mom Says:

    Mmmm... I love Fink. I have his Biscuits for Breakfast album and am looking forward to picking up this one.