The Shuffle And The Story Told

Wow! I went on a bit of a bogging spree today. What can I say, when one is stuck in a cubicle doing mundane work for 8hrs a day, working for THE MAN...he has to keep himself sane. And my way of doing so is by blurbing a few sentences at a time about the music that I love.

And the rest of the week looks pretty grim as far as killing time goes, so I thought I better get the music sharing out of my system tonight. I just took my beloved Boston terrier on a walk, and as usual the shuffle mode was in rare form. It actually played these three gems right in a after another. Oh so thematic, shuffle, oh so thematic.

* Iron & Wine/Calexico - 'History Of Lovers' MP3

* Eulogies - 'Goodbye' MP3

* Eef Barzelay - 'The Girls Don't Care' MP3

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