Lollapalooza Recon: The Builders And The Butchers

This is another installment in my ongoing quest to hip myself to some of these bands on the Lolla lineup that I am less than familiar with. Today's subject is Portland band The Builders And The Butchers. Very cool, very dark folk rock. One time through I am really liking the album, and it's title 'Salvation Is A Deep, Dark Well.'

* 'Vampire Lake' MP3

6 Response to "Lollapalooza Recon: The Builders And The Butchers"

  • a.parker Says:

    Ooh! I like 'em. I will go on this musical journey with you. There are quite a few that I need to actually hear and not just hear about...

  • Blair Says:

    Anyone on your Lolla day that you want me to scope out? I think Hockey plays that day...I am interested to hear what they sound like...and to see if they are Canadian.

  • Angie Says:

    Love the song; definitely going to check out the album. But I especially love the cover art. I'll have to do some research and find out who did it.

  • Angie Says:

    OK, I listened to the entire album a couple times and just couldn't get into it. Vampire Lake is the only track I liked out of the whole album and it isn't worth buying the CD just for that one song. A shame really because the album art is so kick-ass.

    I am, however, really REALLY diggin' There Will Be Fireworks. They aren't signed yet and are selling their first album themselves. After listening to all your featured tracks for the last year or so, I think they might be right up your alley.

  • Blair Says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tip...looking at their bio, I think I will love em too! I have such a weakness for Scottish bands...ill give it a spin and let you know what I think!!

  • Home Improver Says:

    If you like this try Hockey they are cool