Liam, son of Neil

Not even back a month from Coachella, and already I am itching for another musical themed road trip. Been plotting with a friend for the last couple of days about a pilgrimage down to Nashville in June to see Elvis Costello and Eddie Vedder on consecutive nights at the Ryman Auditorium. There is so much musical goodness in that sentence I can barely contain myself...but I digress. So while gleefully scouring the web for details about these shows I saw that Liam Finn(son of Crowded House founder Neil Finn) was opening up for Eddie Vedder on this current tour. It had been a while since I had listened the Liam records that I have, so I dusted off his latest 'Ill Be Lightning' and played it for the rest of the night.

I had forgotten how great it was. So young, so talented. And on this song especially, he reminds me so much of Elliot Smith. Just a beautiful track...enjoy.

* 'Wide Awake On The Voyage Home' MP3

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  • Hanan Says:

    that's my favourite track on the record and when I saw him in concert (he was an opening act, but I had gone to see him), I asked him to play it specifically. he hasn't planned on it, but added it to the set list as the closing song. it was amazing.