Blood From A Stone

Just wanted to pass along a song from the brand new Hanna Hukkelberg record 'Blood From A Stone.'

Here is one of my favorite tracks from the album...

* 'Seventeen' MP3

4 Response to "Blood From A Stone"

  • Angie Says:

    I would love to listen to the songs you post, but I can rarely get them to play. Have you considered using a hosting site other than File Den? I use it so I know they have a limit on what you can upload. I don't upload as many songs as you, so it works OK for my purposes. Just something to consider.

  • Blair Says:

    Hey...thanks for taking the time to comment! Yeah, i am perpetually frustrated by all of the file share services I use. I am a VERY amateur blogger, and can't really justify paying for a hosting service...maybe at some point. But for now I just juggle a few of the free ones and hope that my bandwith lasts as long as possible...if you know of any really good free hosting sites, i am all ears! Also, i will happily email you any track you have trouble dl'ng...its no trouble, just shout :-)

  • Anonymous Says:

    bandwidth exceeded. :(

    couldn't listen to it, either.

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