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Drummer from Hell needed for band from Hell

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Date: 2009-01-01, 2:35PM EST

We are a touring band with shows booked starting first week of February and our drummer sh*t the bed.We need a wild crazy drummer that can handle the road.I dont care what your habits are as long as you can play the sh*t out the drums and we can get along.This is a great chance to get out there and do something for somebody that wants to take it to the next level.


Remember, I was the first one to blog about 'The Crack Pipe Experience'....I have a feeling that they are going to be huge in the '09. Oh, and if you want to hear their soon to be hit single 'Underwear On Fire'...dig it here. God help the people who pay to see this live.

* Elvis Costello - 'This Year's Girl' MP3

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