9 Days Until Lift Off

Axl Rose is SO rock n roll that he is releasing his new mythical album on a Sunday...and only through Best Buy! I say mythical because for the love of GOD, he has been threatening to release this record since like 2000. It was like an urban legend...a running joke: "Yeah, THIS Tuesday is the day Chinese Democracy comes out...really."

If we could somehow harness the energy that Axl spends thinking about his own importance...there would be no energy crisis, I have no doubt. I will listen to the record, I have to admit I am curious....but I am also rooting against it. I think guys like Axl are the genesis behind things like labels naming themselves 'Kill Rock Stars.' Man, I can't even bring myself to post an actual G n' R song...but I do love this Luna cover...enjoy.

Luna - 'Sweet Child O'Mine' MP3

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