Craigslist Musical Dedication Of The Day (Black Friday edition)

I refuse to be a pawn in your cruel games - 36 (Galveston)

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Date: 2008-11-28, 12:20AM CST

Dear You Know Who You Are:

What you did was wicked, hurtful, immoral, and wrong, and possibly psychotically insane. I will NEVER trust you again as long as I live. I see through your veil of wicked deceit and I am too strong now to be caught in your traps of insanity and corruption. You say one thing, but you go do another. You act like the rules don’t apply to you. And yet you hold your head up high. You go around acting like a superstar, you go around acting like you’re the best, meanwhile you’re lying and using people and fucking up people’s lives left and right. I will have no part in your diabolical little play, I refuse to be a pawn in your cruel games. You think you’re a superstar, yet, you’re not and you need to wake up to all the damage you’re doing, to yourself and to everyone around you. Your evil lies and diabolical dealings will catch up with you. I am a survivor! I've seen it all now, my vision is clear and I am pure. No more lies can string me along. I have my integrety back. I am strong. Too strong to be pulled back into your swirling whirlpools of wicked deception, your evil snakepit of slithering serpents. You can't hurt me anymore. I never ever think about you anymore. NEVER!!!!!! And that fact kills you, deep inside your sole, because you think everything is about you and you need to be worshipped and you need to feel like a mighty King of Power. Well you are wrong. Dead wrong. Your heart is cold as ice and black as coal. You act all high and mighty, and you hold your head up high, yet in the true reality you are NOTHING. You call me unbalanced? HAHAHAHAHAHA. I was the best thing that ever happened to you and you took my heart and broke it into a million pieces with your hammer of betrayal. You ruin everyone's life around you. You act clean, yet you are as clean as a bathroom cookie! I have transended the filthy lies and evil immoralities of your disgusting and revolting betrayals. The years of self-deception are done. Ten years. Ten fucking years. Do you hold you head up high when you do those evil acts? Does it eat at you, in the night, knowing that your whole rotten life is focused on deception and hurting those around you, and you still go strutting your stuff like some sort of superstar? Your whole life is blaming, shaming, gaming, and claiming. The day you stand in front of your maker and be judged for your actions, I wonder if you will finally for once come to regret the unspeakable and forbidden sins you have unleashed around you in your psychotic insanity. You have unleashed countless horrors on all those around you, and yet you still prance around like a superstar. I have my integrety intact, you do not no matter how many times you try and tell yourself. I am strong and I have moved on. Can you hold your head up high? You can't go on living the dirty, filthy lies you do. Your evil sins and wicked webs are going to catch up with you, someday, and you will have a consience. A consience is the greatest curse I can wish upon you. And on that day you will cry out in the night and your bloodcurdling scream will be heard by God above. I pray that someday you will wake up from the nightmare you inflict on those around you and you will shake your fist at the sky in angry vengeance of shame guilt and sorrow.


Wow. So much dramatic hyperbole...I can totally imagine the steam coming out of the ears of the person who wrote this. If you are keeping score at home, there are 2 "psychotically insanes", 2 "wickeds" and 3 "evils"in this rant.

Chris Isaak - 'Wicked Games' MP3

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