Being Thankful For Jason all his forms

I have NO Thanksgiving preparations to make. Which is awesome. I just show up, eat, talk, then sleep. So tonight I am just going to catch up with some old friends who are in town for the holidays and right now I am just relaxing and listening to music. While I was 'Hold On Magnolia' came on and I realized how much I love Jason Molina, in all his forms(Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co), and since it is Thanksgiving Eve, I thought I would give thanks in blog from. So thanks Mr. Molina, your songs, 'Hold On Magnolia' and 'Leave This City' especially have been therapy to me on more than one occasion.

Songs: Ohia - 'Hold On Magnolia' MP3

Magnolia Electric Company - ' Leave The City' MP3

Magnolia Electric Company - "Werewolves Of London' MP3

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