Bellafea bring the noise

Bellafea are a post-punk band hailing from Wilmington,NC. They remind me at times of Sleater Kinney, Sonic Youth, and Blonde Redhead...good company to keep, I know.

Their first full length album 'Calvalcade' came out earlier this year. Here is one of the better cuts off of that, a track called 'Depart(I Never Knew You)

Bellafea - 'Depart(I Never Knew You)' MP3

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  • Anonymous Says:

    Bellafea are awesome! Hey but they are stationed out of Carrboro, NC near Chapel Hill, NC. Though, they got started way back when in good old Wilmington, NC. The record really only just came out and isn't out in Europe yet. But, they absolutely do bring the noise...! They are touring here soon in the Fall, too. I just want more more more!