Music to roll the credits to...

I am always fascinated and intrigued by seeing what song a director picks to play as the credits roll in his movie. I have never written a screenplay, or even come close, but I have had the Sparklehorse song "Sick Of Goodbyes" pegged as tune I want playing when the movie I never make fades to black and those credits start rolling.

I watched 'The Diving Bell And The Butterfly' last night and the song attached to this post by the late great Joe Strummer was the fade to black song...great choice I thought.

My other all time favorite is Steve Earle's "Pilgrim"(also attached) in the Laura Linney/Mark Ruffalo movie 'You Can Count On Me' about you? Any memorable credit rolling songs that you can think off? Or maybe a song that should be?

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - 'Ramshackle Day Parade' MP3

Steve Earle - 'Pilgrim' MP3

Sparklehorse - 'Sick Of Goodbyes' MP3

2 Response to "Music to roll the credits to..."

  • Anonymous Says:

    Heard "Ramshackle Day Parade" during the credits to The Diving Bell and the Butterfly as well. Great song.

    Can't say I've given it a lot of thought, but "Straight to Hell" works as a closing tune in the right circumstances.

  • The Rod Says:

    great post! great fade to black choice in 'the diving bell ...' as well. is it ridicolous that two of my more memorable fades are:

    boy's don't cry - the bluest eyes in texas (A camp)

    ski school II - darling (anyhowtown)