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i moved your truck.

Reply to: pers-718155200@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-13, 12:32AM EDT

Dear Owner of the Black F-150,

i drove your truck. really i just circled it around the block a few times trying to find it a new parking spot so you wouldn't get a ticket. so technically, i moved it.

but this was after i got your present. after i slept with your pillow and blanket. after i read the book, saw the bike and took it's picture. after i saw your gear. i moved your truck after i prayed for your happiness. after i went to the office, watched your work, heard your voice, and saw your hands. after i silently cursed the informal way you speak, i moved your truck.

the keys were placed in my hands. i remembered them. i remembered the last time i drove your truck. i walked out onto the cool night air with my note book under my arm. i inspected the bed, unlocked the door, climbed in, and started the engine. it made some new sounds.

i wish i knew your smell because your car has only adopted the scent of your lifestyle.

i drove it around the block a few times. i wanted to say a few things to the universe about you. i wanted your truck house me as i said them aloud. i wanted your truck to hold them for you.

i behaved myself. i wrote you a note comparing the stench of your car to roses. i asked you to drive safely, signed my name, and doodled a stick figure rendition of your truck equaling a bouquet of flowers.

i like driving your truck. i hold on to a lot of teenaged-movie concepts of what coupledom is really like. i imagine driving your truck to the store because i didn't feel like taking mine. or because you blocked me in. i imagine driving your truck to pick you up from an airport. perhaps i'm driving your truck through the night during a road trip because you've grown too tired to drive... or because you've become too overwhelmed in the midsts of telling me about your brother, your job, your personal struggles to drive.

what i really like to imagine is all the ways i could be in that truck with you. your driving me to work, to the airport, to dinner. we could run errands in it! get christmas presents for our friends. visit our parents. or even drive around the interstate and tell each other our first impressions. i'd like for you to tell me to climb in after a hard day and take me to the store to get vegan ice cream, to the nearest body of water, to no where in particular.

most of all, i just want you to take me home in that truck.

i am asking you to drive it safely, i have a lot invested in it,


I am a cold and detached person. After reading all of this the only thing I could think was what a bad, bad idea vegan ice cream is...seems like such a waste!

The Donnas - 'Drive My Car'

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