Missed Connections musical dedication of the day

(WARNING: Longest missed connection EVER)
This is the 'War And Peace' of missed connections!


eb jw

Miss you, miss everything about you! Your always on my mind and always in my heart.I hope one day you wont be my missed conection anymore.I dont like missing you.So lonely with out you, even at a distance you bring so much light into my world that it makes for a brighter day. But lately my days have been pitch black with without the slightest wisp of light.The Stars at night have been brighter than the Sun thrue my eyes.I dont think there is a sun anymore.I think it died,and left me freezing out in the cold. Will I be in this darkness forever? Besides God your the only other who knows. I think I will never see you again is what I think. I dont expect you to responde to this ,but would be thrilled if you did,I fucked up.I know this ok.Im sorry, really sorry! Please forgive me, please dont hate me atleast be my friend. I really like you as a person you are wonderful. I am forever in your debt. forever, I BEG OF YOU please. Im in so much pain right now, I dont even feel anything else other than my heart screming out your name repeatedly. Its constant. You are my world, You are my dream,I miss you Baby. I want to be with you forever. I offen wonder why, not to be mean, but I do. I dont understand this chemistry thing we share.I have lots of woman hit on me and could have any girl i want but I choose to see thrue them all and only see you and I dont know why.Just like you said you have never looked at another man the same as you look at me. Its gotta be for a reason. I cant be that strong of a conection for no reason. its not because God wanted to teach me a lesson or be mean to me, Its more like he put this in BOTH OF US because he wants us to be.and nothing you say or anybody else says is gonna tell me differant. I have never in my life felt such power and emotion and romance. I never knew romance until now.thought I did but I didnt!I bet you can probly say the same thing too.I guess if I dont ever get to be with you atleast I can live my life knowing that the most buitiful woman on the planet looks at me like she looks at no other man.And she has my name planted in her heart. I really hope to hear from you. i miss you lots n lots n lots. Will never be happy with out you. Never ever, its impossible.I feel as I am in hell without you, because I am!!!


Ween - 'Ill Miss You'

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