Still looking back

I am in the midst of a major musical nostalgia trip. I've been tracking down some of those gems, the one hit wonders if you will from my past. Songs that I still to this day associate with certain people and specific places. Songs that served as the soundtrack to my life.

I wanted to share 'Mighty KC' by For Squirrels. Such a bittersweet tune. And one of my favorite Kurt Cobain inspired songs. The potency of this song is made all the more relevant when you consider the tragedy the band itself had to face.


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  • kittenry Says:

    dude, i'm on the same page. i was just discussing with my sister this morning the time and the story i associated with "all i want" by toad the wet sprocket.

    and just now, was listening to the caulfields' "devil's diary," and i've been thinking about "mighty kc" recently too - just now thought i'd look it up, and there it was.

    good work dude.