Best song ever written about a pyschopath

A fictional psychopath at that. This song scores off the charts on the creepy cool factor. It's one of those songs that I really shouldn't like, but keep playing anyway.

The band is 'The Greenskeepers' and I know NOTHING about them, except that they are really big 'Silence Of The Lambs' fans I am guessing.


2 Response to "Best song ever written about a pyschopath"

  • redhairedgirl Says:

    I discovered this song a few weeks ago. My boyfriend looked them up and found out they're from Chicago, but that's all he knows.

    Interesting story, an ex-boyfriend of mine worked as a mover one summer during college and had to help Ted Levine move. He said the guy was nice, but that the voice creeped him out because of that movie.

  • redhairedgirl Says:

    Oh, and have you seen the video for that song? It's great!