Stop chasing shadows...just enjoy the ride

Wonderful words, don't you think? This is the first song on the new Morcheeba album, 'Dive Deep.'

This is such great background music. I mean that in the best possible sense. It's makes for a wonderful soundtrack to just about anything.


3 Response to "Stop chasing shadows...just enjoy the ride"

  • Anonymous Says:

    I have found your blog by searching the song, having a slightly ideea that Morcheeba is singing this song. indeed nice words, in Romania all radio stations are mad about broadcasting this song. Cheers,

  • Michael Says:

    Love your blog. Where did you get the picture "life is a mixtape"? Just wonderful. Can I use the same picture on my blog? Let me know. Thanks.

  • Blair Says:

    Hi Michael...thanks for stopping by the blog. Here is the link where I made the mix tape picture...a handy little cassette generator!

    Feel free to use that one, and thanks for stopping by my blog!