Lost Songs Department:: 'Your Own Backyard'

Things didn't go so well for Dion Dimucci after music tastes shifted in the 60's and he split with his legendary group the Belmonts. Like the classic story goes...boy finds rock success, boy loses rock success, boy finds drugs and alcohol....you know the sad ending.

But not in this case. Dion actually shook his demons and 'found God'...and has continued to release muisc on and off since the late 60's. 'Your Own Backyard' is a demo I think, not sure if it is available on any album, but it is on the Dion box set 'King Of The New York Streets'. To me it is one of the best songs ever written about kicking a habit. It will always be in my collection...just in case.



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  • Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for reminding me of this great song. It was a single release, a moderate hit for Dion and later recorded by Mott The Hoople. Dion continues to be great with two new blues albums in last year--a grammy nomination for the first one "Bronx in Blue" and the new one "Son of Skip James" was released Nov. 6th.