Swedish Band Of The Week - 'Teddybears'

This week's honorees are 'Teddybears', a three piece Stockholm band featuring Patrik Arve, Joakim Åhlund, and Klas Åhlund. With all of the amazing acts I saw at Coachella in 2007, these guys are the ones I am still thinking about all these months later. If you ever get a chance to take in a show, DO IT.

Playing their unique mashed up style of music while flashing classic scenes from classic films(with giant Teddybear heads superimposed on some of the characters) displayed an a huge screen behind the band. And at the show I saw the entire band wore the giant teddybear masks for the entire set...that is dedication.

This song, 'Punkrocker' features Iggy Pop on vocals and is featured on last year's 'Soft Machine'


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