New Young Pony Club

Ever here a song or a band for the first time and, against your better judgement, you fall in love with the sound anyway? That is the trick that 'New Young Pony Club' played on me.

After stumbling across their youtube video for the single 'Ice Cream' I was hooked, but hooked with that guilty feeling. The song is SO catchy and the band looks SO over the top that it had to be a fluke right? I mean the rest of the album was going to be horrible, right?(Anyone remember Chumbawamba?)

Wrong. I forced myself to spin the entire disc, titled 'Fantastic Playroom', and it is a blast. Just a great record...i was blown away by how much I like it...which is really starting to help erase that 'guilty pleasure' label I had stuck on these guys.

Now I will put this song in your head...for hours...i apologize in advance, it's just THAT infectious.

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