CL missed connections musical dedicaton o'the day

OK. Once is bad, but it could just be a pathetic one time happening. Twice, and I see a pattern developing. So I am using today's edition as a sort of public service announcement. Here is another failed groupie, a lesbian this time, using craigslist to
communicate their obsession for a rock star. Isn't that what myspace is for? You fools are taking up valuable space for the rest of us, the non-rock star portion of the population who desperately peruse the missed connections every day to see if today is our big day. Please in the future, let's keep the missed connections section as it was intended to be, a stalking tool for average joes.


Tegan and Sara Show 10.29.07 - w4w - 27

Sara, I saw you perform at the Orpheum 10.29.07 and waited for you in the alley after the show. I told you, "You're so hot," but I think I embarassed myself as well as you. I meant so say that you are an awesome performer and that I'm a really big fan. But flustered at seeing you so close and in person for the first time, all I could get out was a very creepy "You're so hot." I still think you're hot as a mofo, but I think you're an even better musician. Plus, you have great style. Sorry if I embarassed you.


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