Adventures In Foreign Film: 'Maid Droid'

Netflix blurb: When he tries to reprogram his robotic maid, Maria to gratify him sexually, aging Ueno begins to fall in love with the droid -- only to discover that her batteries are slowly but permanently losing their power. Meanwhile, detective Yuri Akagi investigates a series of rapes that may be connected to the robot.


I know, sounds AMAZING right?? It was not. I think something must have gotten majorly 'lost in translation' because this film had all of the charm of one of those late night Cinemax movies that you find while aimlessly flipping the channels at 3Am on a Saturday morning.. So bad. I couldn't tell if it was attempting to be a biting social commentary/parody or an honest to goodness sci-fi thriller...either way, total fail! But still, I am so glad I watched it. Inentional or not, I laughed a lot...good way to end the weekend. And it must be mentioned, that THIS was the movie that Wayne Coyne was BORN to do the music for.

* Flaming Lips - 'Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots' MP3

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