File under: guilty pleasure...maybe

At heart, I am a pop music lover. Sure, the pop music I listen to maybe be just a little left of center, and a bit sad times, but it's basically the same formula - 4 minute songs where boys sing about girls, or vice versa...verse, chorus, verse...that sort of thing. So I am not really sure if the term "guilty pleasure" fits when I am talking about Kate Miller-Heidke or not. But I know that I am liking her music and it makes me feel a little weird.

It's just not the sort of thing I usually find myself listening to. Ms Miller-Heidke is a singer/songwriter from Australia who I sort of stumbled into this morning. She writes really witty, really infectious pop tunes that will stick with you long after listening. And, she is pretty adorable. Enough of my inner-dialouge rambling. Here is a tune off of her second album, fittingly titled 'Curioser.'

* 'Caught In The Crowd' MP3

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