There Is No Enemy

I love Doug Martsch...and all of his reverby, beautifully distorted glory is on full display on this brand new Built To Spill record. I can always count on a hanfdul of phrases on each BTS album that I will find myself referencing YEARS later...without fail. Lines like"They think that they get it, but they always get it wrong." and "I think Bill Hicks was right about what they should do"

I love this band so much :-)

* 'Planting Seeds' MP3

1 Response to "There Is No Enemy"

  • Jim Says:

    Doug Martsch and BTS model the best of what remains from the heady days of mid-90s post-punk bliss, pre-Nirvana, when it all blew up.

    Martsch keeps going, staying true to his vision of artistic integrity, and managing to remain viable financially. Not an easy thing to do IMHO, in today's fragmented musical landscape.

    Gotta' love anyone that drops a Bill Hicks reference.