I hope they call me Henry when I die, too.

I have never seen, nor do i have any intention of ever seeing 'Twilight', but there is no way - in a million years - that you could convince me that that film has more heart than that other Kristen Stewart movie, 'Adventureland.' Not possible. Not by a long shot. No way.

I mean, I for one can't really relate to emo vampires, but I can totally relate to that amazing time in your life, when you are just out of school...that intoxicating mix of wanderlust,angst, hopefulness, fear, and awe. That I get, and 'Adventureland' lets that play out better than almost any move I have ever seen. It was low key, and brililant. Oh, and the soundtrack...so, so perfect! For that, we have Yo La Tengo to thank...kudos YLT, 1987 never sounded so great!

* The Replacements - 'Bastards Of Young' MP3

* Velvet Underground - 'Pale Blue Eyes' MP3

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  • k8_is_great Says:

    Wow, just watched that tonight... loved the soundtrack... from the opening lou reed and david bowie that followed I knew it was only gonna get better.

    What a fun movie... although I have to ask, since he was wearing an "Oberlin" shirt, was that to indicate that he had gone to Oberlin? Cause the scene shot while he was at college did not look like Oberlin... AT ALL!