Craigslist Musical Dedication

Hopeless Romantic

- 39 (Columbus)

Date: 2009-10-24, 5:50PM EDT

I am 39 years old 6FT tall 200 pounds . Christian, Looking for faithful woman 30 to 45 who would enjoy a very romantic man who enjoys a LOT of holding each other, giving her candle light bubble baths , opening doors for her, flowers, movies walks in the park holding hands or just out walking holding hands . I am extremely loving of the woman I would be with. even years later I would still be doing these things each day and I would not get out of bed before softly kissing her and whispering "I LOVE YOU" softly in her ears. I prefer women 5ft1 to 5 ft 7 and not heavy because I enjoy carrying her in my arms. If you wear it well send a pic, I'm not to picky if she's loving and faithful. I'm not looking for people with kids that are not grown. My kids are grown and not living with me so I'm alone and just single. I don't mind jealous or possessive women as long as your open with me and it don't cause problems between us. I do enjoy a woman who is not afraid to say I belong to her. I'm not looking for one night stands but as far as sex, If I love you what ever pleases you go's in the bed room as long as it between the two of us, I am very active in the bed room with who I'm with and I try hard to please the one I love in bed and out. I won't deal with an unfaithful person and I don't want ex's mine or yours in our life. I will NEVER cheat and feel free to test me on this when ever you feel like it. I Love the out doors and as much I love just being with you holding you. I want a woman who always wants to be held at home or out in public. I just went through a breakup and a layoff and I'm looking to hook up quick.. Send pics and tell me about your self. If I'm not interested I just won't respond. If you forget the pic I won't reply.
if your pic is to large to send thru this site reply and request my email and i'll send it to you .


I love that this "hopeless romantic" writes a heart wrenching manifesto about how badly he wants to hold somebody...and then concludes it with "I just went through a breakup and a layoff and I'm looking to hook up quick."

* Guided By Voices -'Hold On Hope' MP3

3 Response to "Craigslist Musical Dedication"

  • Angie Says:

    I have an imagine in my mind of this dude carrying his lady in his arms wherever he goes LOL. You find the best Craigslist personal ads. I don't know if it takes you a while to find these, or if there is so much of a plethora that the hardest part is to decide which to post, but I always enjoy reading them and seeing which song you match them with. :)

  • Blair Says:

    I honestly don't spend THAT much time perusing craigslst...I swear! There are just THIS many delusional people out there with unfettered internet access!!

  • Angie Says:

    That's a scary thought. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront of my mind. And dangit! I meant image instead of imagine. I wish I were more like you, Blair, and didn't care about my typos hahaha.