Song Up In Her Head

When I was 17, my usual work day consisted of asking the question "paper or plastic" to whoever I was bagging groceries for at the local supermarket. As for Sarah Jarosz, at 17 she was writing and recording an incredible debut album. Obviously the coolest 17yr old around, as the Decemberists and Tom Waits covers on her debut album. 'Song Up In Her Head' display.

But it's the original tunes that will win you over and make you forget your are listening to such a young woman. She writes and sings with a wisdom and confidence way beyond her years. It's really a gorgeous bluegrass album...been listening to it all morning, and I think I will just keep it in for a bit. A star is born.

Here is the aforementioned Waits cover...enjoy.

* 'Come On Up To The House' MP3

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