Craigslist Musical Dedication

Girl Fight at Billy Squire Concert - m4w - 39 (Downtown)

Date: 2009-07-20, 6:34PM EDT

Met you at the Billy Squire concert at the LC Pavilion Downtown. You sat with me on the blue tarp because your butt was getting wet. We talked and our conversation was ended because of a fight. You were there with a good friend and I was there with some of my friends. I enjoyed talking to you and I'd like to talk to you some more. If this is you, please respond. I hope to hear from you..


So tragic...they might have been right on the cusp of love...he was probably going to ask her to dance during 'Stroke' when the random girl fight broke out. Scenarios like this are played out in Columbus a hundred times a weekend I am convinced.

* The Gossip - 'Catfight' MP3

4 Response to "Craigslist Musical Dedication"

  • a.parker Says:

    I got a Missed Connection once - after the guy was separated from his group due to a fight at a concert. I think you're right. Don't people realize that they are disrupting true love?! Ha.

  • Blair Says:

    YOU DID???You really are living the dream!!

    Concert missed connections are always the best...and sadly the least likely to succeed. Did you respond??I hope so...

  • Nate Says:

    The stupid fights at the LC always piss me off.

    I have yet to see one in the Newport.

    Not sure why.

  • a.parker Says:

    I did respond. Just said hey. I also think I might know the guy from a previous concert (Spoon) when he made eye contact. I haven't responded for a while. Sometimes connections are missed for a reason...