My ever diminishing hipness

I have never claimed to be cool. Ever. But now I think even the last remaining paricles of hipness in body are slowly dying a slow, uncool death. And I am OK with it. I just don't have the time,energy, or desire to unearth the latest MGMT remix or the next big thing(usually some obscure Brooklyn band.) I am at peace with my lameness and I choose to listen to stuff like Charlie Mars.

No, Mr. Mars doesn't reinvent the rock n'roll wheel nor does he have superstar indie bands lining up to remix his songs. He just makes really, really good music and I really like his album 'Like A Bird, Like A Plane'...and as the song below displays, he can make something as simple as listening to a classic Pink Floyd record sound so inviting.

* 'Listen To The Darkside' MP3

2 Response to "My ever diminishing hipness"

  • a.parker Says:

    I say bravo. There will always be some band that is newer, cooler, etc. While some of them are good, there are a lot to sort through that are not so good (remixes and iii's). Sit back, enjoy the genuinely good ones, and let the hipsters do the sorting for you - the best ones will last long enough for you to find them.

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