Craigslist Musical Dedication - Comfest Edition

Downtown Holiday Inn Wed/Thu & Comfest (briefly) - m4w - 32 (Leaving for home)

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Date: 2009-06-28, 9:23PM EDT

To my beautiful conceirge during my stay here in Columbus:

Thanks so much for being so kind to me while I've been Nerding it up in your town. Your tip on Comfest was dead on... It was a solid good time.

I was forlorn to not be able to join up with your group (if you'd have had me) at Comfest. I'm also sure you think I'm some kind of fly by night pick-up artist. Honestly, I'm just not that type. Given the choice between being completely alone at Comfest with no clue (then going back to the hotel to stare at the walls), or chancing to meet the only other person who was there on their lonesome... I opted to meet someone and get a tour from a local. It would have been extremely rude of me to say "Hey! that's ~You~, I gotta bounce, kthxbye!" to my new handler.

I've been mulling over making a "proposition" to you since Thursday night. Your sexy, razor witted, and humorous personality proves to me that you'd be positively sheet thrashingly awesome.

All that being said, I'd love to see you again before I leave. Whether it's just to give you a platonic hug, or make your toes curl (your choice, no pressure). You've said a few things that might just have been testing the boundaries, or they might have been a pick up, I'm not sure. If they were the latter, I'm for it. Look me up, I'll be here until tomorrow morning.

I hope you're not all creeped out because some nerdlinger is swooning after having only spent a couple hours with you.
I want you to know that you're a bubbly, attractive, and very desirable woman, and I hope we meet again extremely soon.

Endicott's Pants Forever!


She is a concierge man!! It's her job to be friendly...sigh.

* Pavement - 'Shady Lane' MP3

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  • Neil Cake Says:

    yeah, but maybe sometimes the friendliness is genuine, and she just wishes some geek would take a chance...