Comfest 2009

Finally, Comfest has come back to me! Always my favorite weekend of they year. And it's true, I may not be Columbus,OH's biggest fan(I have one failed escape attempt under my belt, hoping to launche escape #2 soon) but I will ALWAYS love Comfest. The Community Festival brings all of the best parts of humanity into Goodale Park for three glorious days every June, leaving all of the not so fun parts of life to fester back in the real word.

Amazing music, amazing food, amazing people watching. And the reunions. People you haven't seen for years, you can ALWAYS count on seeing them once a year. Columbus is just small enough so that you will surely run into every ex, every old friend, and every "hey I've seen that guy before"-guy at least once over the weekend. I plan on getting down to the park at about 1PM on Friday and just sort of moving in, not leaving til they kick me out around 9 on Sunday.


And the music...

* 'Alcohol' - (Happy Chichester - Friday 8:10, Bozo Stage)

* 'Bastards & Bridesmaids' - (Two Cow Garage - Friday 10:10 Bozo Stage)

* 'Northbound' - (Tim Easton - Saturday 5:00 Bozo Stage)

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