I have an awful habit of forming opinions of things without ever experiencing them - my most fatal flaw. I do it all the time, and I know it's not cool, and I KNOW I am doing it, yet I keep doing it anyway. Life is a progression I guess, I hope, and someday I will get this ugly habit in check. But until then, I shall blog about it.

The latest victim of said habit is the Boston band Passion Pit. I head read snippets and seen pictures of the band, but never heard a song, and I decided that they weren't worth my time. And as usual, I was wrong. Last night I checked out their impending record 'Manners' and I was so pleasantly surprised. While this is not usually the sort of thing i listen to, I am an unabashed pop music fan at heart - and Passion Pit makes some insanely infections pop music. It's incredibly catchy and yet it doesn't leave me with that guilty sick feeling of having just listened to a Lady Ga Ga song or something. It's just really good music. And again,I am the worst at describing what something sounds like...I am much better at sharing the songs, so here ya go:

'Moth Wings' MP3

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