We Were Promised Jetpacks

Scotland is quickly beoming the new Sweden, or so it seems. It seems like I am coming across a new Scottish band a week that I am really digging. This weeks band of Scots, We Were Promised Jetpacks. (An aside here, MAN these guys are young...or at least look young)

They have a fabulous record out called 'These Four Walls' which sadly won't be available in the states until July I believe. But here is a track for your listening pleasure...one of many great tunes on the album.

* 'It's Thunder And It's Lightning' MP3

1 Response to "We Were Promised Jetpacks"

  • Pose Victorious Says:

    Great Shout mate,

    Know these guys well, Just stumbled across your blog, Like it.

    Try out some of these other Scottish bands - The 1004's, Ok Social Club, Endor, Pose Victorious (Us) and Frightened Rabbit (but im guessing if you know jetpacks you'll have come across these guys.)

    Love from ecosse