Harlem Shakes

Just got my hands and ears on the new record from Brooklyn quintet Harlem Shakes entitled 'Technicolor Health' and I am loving it! It's like really good garage rock with a really, really great pop sensibility that makes it totally infectious...a hanfdul of the tracks here will rattle around in your head hours after you last listened.

Here is one of those tunes...enjoy.

* 'Natural Man' MP3

Natural Man - Harlem Shakes

2 Response to "Harlem Shakes"

  • Hanan Says:

    I just read about them in my Paste newsletter. will give em a listen. thanks for the mp3

  • liz Says:

    I just listened to their album today and could barely think straight while absorbing it. So good. And the lead singer, Lexy, is a music writer with The Village Voice - which somehow makes me love them more.