Craigslist Musical Dedication 3/25/09

Willing to lower my standards for you, also I will change - 28

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Date: 2009-03-25, 1:22PM EDT

I am not what you would call desperate, but I do realize when my plans are not coming to a satisfactory end. I have therefore decided to lower my standards and propose that I will change for you. Now there are some stipulations involved in this endeavor. A sort of contract if you will. Here are some of my concessions.
- I will stop liking at least 2 genres, artists of music for ones that you deem acceptable in exchange for me picking what movies we see 75% of the time.
- I will give up 2 hangouts with my friends a month for 1 hangout with your friends (exception: your friends are bitter losers who hate men and complain alot)
- I will take care of your cat/dog/bird/fish when you are out of town in exchange for you dressing up like a schoolgirl/nurse (exception: No kids)
- I will lower my standard of your physical fitness/personal hygiene if you promise that you will start to read some books
- I will pay for most dinners so long as you are ok with me wanting to have sex with you from time to time (exception: Dinners over $60 should entitle me)
- You will laugh at my jokes in exchange for me listening to your stories
I believe that is a good start and we should be able to add other amendments to our arrangement after we have talk through a few things. I would like to get some feed back on this treaty before the signing ceremony, so if you have anything to add, let me know.


* Death Cab For Cutie - 'Sound Of Settling' MP3

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