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Date: 2009-03-12, 12:47PM EDT

I think the music was Joy Division. I think I had a few drinks as well. But I was intoxicated by something else- your body. Your glorious, goddess-granted gyrations of pure expression. It was like you were channeling some otherworldly vision, full of desire. You were in your own world and that's what we had in common. The rest of the space, the people and all of reality slipped away- not just for a moment- but for a length of time that I have no way of calculating, no point of reference.

You knew I was watching and that turned you on. I can only muse at the command you have over your body. I can only long for that same attention to detail. Perhaps it is in fact a connection. Of body to feeling, of desire to action.

In the absence of some sort of label or name for this connection, I'll refer to physical evidence: a blue-black, fading mark on my skin confirming the truth of this experience.


Who let the emo kid into 80's night last night? They will totally ruin the party.

For the musical portion of today's dedication...I am bypassing the 80's AND emo....just because I wanted to hear some My Morning Jacket.

* My Morning Jacket - 'Dancefloors' MP3

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