If you have stumbled across this little plot of cyberspace over the past month or so you have probably noticed the ever present, probably annoying, Coachella countdown that I am doing. Guilty. But I really do look forward to this weekend more than anything. It's a chance to drop life for a few days, get together with a bunch of super cool, like minded people, and just bask in the glory that is the beautiful scenery in that part of California and hours upon hours of incredible live music. In other words: Heaven.

Last year was extra special, because we somehow convinced our friend and talented singer/songwriter Henry Toft from Denmark to literally trek halfway around the world to take in Coachella. This year, with the global economic meltdown and all, it just wasn't really possible for him to make the trip. He will be so sadly missed. Through the modern miracle of texting and twittering we will be showering him with CONSTANT real time updates...unfortunately you can't send a good beer buzz or the visceral joy of seeing the Hold Steady over an online least not yet. But he will be there in spirit.

Here is a song he wrote last year, in the airport actually...the day after Coachella...brought on by sweet exhaustion and the sort of glorious sensory overload that only 72 hours of live music and living in extremely close quarters with great friends can give you. I love it...enjoy.

* Me And The Horse I Rode In On - 'Indio' MP3

3 Response to "Coachella...ella...ella...ella"

  • JJ Daddy-O Says:

    Trust me, you are not alone, I have spent the last eleven months boring my friends about what a great time I had last year.
    Now I am sitting here obsessively listening to bands I haven't heard before and plotting my schedule, which is the key to a good CC experience.
    Too few bands and you miss good stuff, too many and you spend the whole time running back and forth between stages.

  • TooDrunkToDream Says:

    It just makes me sick that I won't be there.

  • Blair Says: awesome as Coachella is, I'd say planning and saving for your wedding is just a BIT more important! We will get you out there eventually!