Coachella Artist A Day: M.I.A. ...26 Days To Go


* 'Bucky Done Gun' MP3

3 Response to "Coachella Artist A Day: M.I.A. ...26 Days To Go"

  • Hanan Says:

    I don't like M.I.A, and a lot of that has to do with the fact that she managed to rip off of the Clash and have 80% of the people who listen to her music not have any idea whatsoever that she did so (most of them probably have never heard of the Clash)

  • kate Says:

    It took me a minute when I heard $20 to realize why I knew the song so well... it's a Pixies cover!


  • Blair Says:

    Not a cover really...she just sings a verse of "Where is my mind" during that song...either way, really cool...i dig artists who dig the Pixies!