You say work, I say blog...

It is a Friday that feels like a Sunday. There is no reason to be at work. Yet here I sit. Because, God knows, that if I dare leave this cubicle unattended for too long the universe as we know it will unravel. But I am poor, so I will sit here and push their paper - in between quickly hashed out blog posts of course.

This is "guerrilla blogging" at it's best. An absolutely beautiful misuse of company resources. Those little key chain zip drives are my weapon of choice. I load that thing up the night before, so when the down time comes(and it ALWAYS comes) I can pop it into the office computer and fire off a blurb or two, then sink back into the minutia that is my job.

Here is another great song from another great album that I somehow neglected to talk about last year, Haley Bonar's 'Big Star.' And the tone of this tune kind of fits perfectly with my stream of consciousness ranting today.

* Haley Bonar - 'Queen Of Everything' MP3

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