Thinking Out Loud

I am totally iced in tonight. I mean I guess I could go out, but since I am freakishly tall and naturally clumsy, I don't do so well with the ice. So tonight became a night of nostalgia. Listening to some of the seminal albums of my life, cover to cover. I got to the Verve's 'Urban Hymns' a second ago and felt obligated to share my inner dialogue.

Such a killer album. And it found me at the most opportune time. I swear EVERY track on that record has some sort of anecdote attached to it... as I listen there is a virtual slideshow going on in my head. Then I started thinking about last year's Coachella and the utter bliss that I felt when 50,000 people were all singing along to the chorus of 'Bittersweet Symphony'....chills on top of chills on top of chills. Those moments, those snapshots of perfection are what make all of the day to day drudgery worth while....amen.

The Verve - 'Bittersweet Symphony' MP3

3 Response to "Thinking Out Loud"

  • la cienega just smiled Says:

    i have so many memories connected with that song, and with that album.

    good choice to stay off the ice and have a nostalgia music trip, i say. something about this post reminds me of 'High Fidelity', when he is trying to organize his vinyl chronologically/to his life.

  • Josh' Rose Says:

    Such a great song. Heard it years ago, when I wasn't even thinking about listening to rock.. But my brother did :)

    I guess the winter just has that some kind of nostalgia effect on everyone, sometimes you just tired of all those party holidays and want to spend an evening or two with your memories.

  • Blair Says:

    Hahaha...sometimes I catch myself having 'High Fidelity' frightens me a little :-)