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Two girls trying to start Acoustic band (columbus)

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Date: 2009-01-10, 1:33PM EST

Okay, so there are two of us.
Candy and Hayley.
We want to start an acoustic alternative sort of band.
We'd be the vocals.
Pretty much we only want a guitarist for now.
We write our own lyrics, it's just we can't write music.
So we need a guitarist who would be able to write music.

So if you're interested, email me asap. =]


27 year old frontman, the looks with the hooks (Columbus, Ohio)

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Date: 2009-01-11, 2:53AM EST

I didn't see a whole lot going on the musicians section on here, but what the hell. I am relocating with my company from Los Angeles, CA to Columbus, OH, and my music life cannot stop. I am a professional, male tenor, 10+ years experience. Heavily influenced by electronic music, indie rock, pop and rock. I am looking to collaborate with other artists on a new project. Not sure exactly what sound I am going for... My vocal influences are: Bono, David Gahan, Billy Corgan, Thom Yorke, Robert Smith, Jay Gordon, Chester Bennington, and many, many more. I almost want to create something dreamy like The Album Leaf, but with hard trip hoppy beats like Portishead, all with extremely melodic and infectious vocals, a little dark, but catchier than syphillis. Please tell me there are some rad songwriters/artists out there that want to work on real music!!! Check out some tunage at


My career as a big shot music mogul starts NOW! Both of these ads were in the 'Musicians' section of Craigslist today. I am going to introduce Candy and Haley to the guy with 'the hooks and the looks'...they will combine their musical powers and I will be calling the shots from behind the curtain. This supergroup will be called Indigo Girls On Meth...and they will rock your face off!

* Rocky Votolato - 'People To Impress' MP3

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  • Hanan Says:


    the first post was too much. "we have no musical talent whatsoever, we don't want to do any work, we just want to be stars"
    maybe they'd have better luck with the Disney channel, who seem to have a real knack for taking talentless pieces of shit and making them super stars