Now for something completely different...Katzenjammer

There is no way my words could do this four piece, all girl band from Oslo, here is a snippet of their bio, Katzenjammer on Katzenjammer:

About Katzenjammer Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce the queens of sultry noise, the sisters of mercy, the saints of damaged souls, high society’s hangover and the hen night for Calamity Jane. The latter day’s eminent, prominent and decadent ladies: Katzenjammer. Drink dear rebels, and drink again. Katzenjammer’s musical underground cult is carried forward by the sound of instruments such as accordion, mandolin, guitar, piano, balalaika bass, glockenspiel, trumpet, kazoo, melodica, drums and banjo to just name some. They play these instruments with fire in their bellies, fever in their fingers and their hearts in their throats. And the vocals, the vocals of this band dear audience are the broad paint strokes on the colourful night sky where you dance your wildest dance in your finest clothes.

So I read that, and I HAD to listen. Listen I did, and I loved it. Really cool stuff. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks of their 2008 release, 'Le Pop'...enjoy.

* Katzenjammer - 'A Bar In Amsterdam' MP3

* Katzenjammer - 'Play, My Darling Play' MP3

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