Flashbulb Moments

The way I see it, the word is made up of two kinds of people. People who get the euphoric bliss that comes along with experiencing the really amazing live musical moments...and those who don't. Those who don't aren't bad people, they just aren't my people. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can while I am here with the people who get it.

Remember the time I fell off the stage at the Girl Talk show? Remember the time that guy fell trying to climb a fence after the REM show? Remember when Pearl Jam covered Elvis in Vegas? Remember when Evan Dando was so hammered that he dropped his guitar and ran up the stairs of the Troubador , mid song? Remember that Hold Steady show on St Patrick's day when the guitar player played that killer solo from on top of the stacked amps? Remember that insane Teddybears set at Coachella? Remember standing too close to the speaker at the Afghan Whigs show and not being able to hear for a week? Or how about the time we snuck into Little Brothers to see Sleater-Kinney? I do.

This Benji Hughes song is like a love song to people like us.

* Benji Hughes - 'I Went With Some Friends To See The Flaming Lips' MP3

3 Response to "Flashbulb Moments"

  • TooDrunkToDream Says:

    for me it was remembering that time we drove a thousand miles in 4 days to see a couple of Phish shows on Thanksgiving break? The guy that jumped off his friends shoulders at that Korn show, right as the song ended? Following a hunch and getting to talk to Tweedy for a bit? Going to the sold out George Clinton show, without tickets, and talking to a dreadheaded black guy (keyboardist...natch!)who got us in the back door? Watching Built to Spill stop their show so they could talk to the cops about their van getting sideswiped by a truck outside?

  • wim Says:

    Climbing on the roof of the venue to try and get in at a sold out mgmt show, taking a ten hour detour from austria to belgium to see dead stop's second to last show in hamburg after seeing them at least 50 times, happy times.

  • Hanan Says:

    remember when I felt Howlin Pelle up and he kept coming back for more? remember how he grinned when I met him after the show? remember how much I love live shows? I do.

    this is a great post.