A Mouthful

Olivia B.Merilahti and Dan Levy are the French duo The Dø. Do as in the musical note, here...I'll let them explain it:

The first note on the standard musical scale is "do" which is the last note also, representing what's new and what's old, giving the musicians and artist the latitude & longitude to re-invigorate any musical genre, from blues, rhythm & blues, jazz, bebop, doowop & hip-hop, not to mention rock & roll, and eitherway to sing or play you've got to do it with your heart & soul.

Got it? Good. Their debut record 'A Mouthful' is musically speaking, all over the map. And I love it for that reason. You'll hear bits of jazz, rock, whatever else they saw fit to make a song complete. A grand debut that I am loving more every day.

* 'On My Shoulders' MP3

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